Our Quality Policy


"Our corporate policies reflect our s commitment towards our stake-holders and we aim to become an ideal corporate entity and achieve excellence in all our endeavors"


Quality, Food Safety and Customers : We dedicate ourselves to our customers around the world treating them as our principal stake-holders. On a sustained basis we shall supply mint-based products of the topmost quality that are manufactured under the highest norms of hygiene, sanitation and good manufacturing practices. Our products shall meet all regulatory and customer requirements as also are fit for pharmaceutical as well as food applications to provide total customer satisfaction.  


Food Defense and Security : We shall create a security system to ensure that our products are always safeguarded from any sabotage, contamination, tampering or physical damage from a hostile entity. We shall also fully protect any privileged information given by our customers. 


Environment: We shall conduct our operations in an eco-friendly manner to prevent global warming, environmental degradation and pollution of any kind while ensuring the conservation of the natural resources while meeting regulatory requirements.  


Safe, Healthy and Congenial Work Place: We shall create appropriate operational conditions such that our workplace provides the appropriate conditions for our personnel to operate in safety, comfort and without any adverse impact upon their health. 


Social Responsibility: We shall be a good corporate citizen responding to community affairs with compassion, treat all personnel with dignity, fully respect their human as well as labour rights, pay fair wages, not employ any child labour while following all internationally mandated norms in our employment policies as well as work practices. We will make no discrimination based upon race, religion, caste, community, language, region, gender or on the social background of an individual. 


Ethical Practices: We shall conduct our business in accordance with highest standards of ethical practices following all the laws and regulations applicable in the countries where we do business while meeting customer norms. We shall not attempt to influence individuals in any way to get undue business advantage. 


Best in Class: We shall adopt state-of-the-art technologies in all our manufacturing as well as support infrastructure. We shall innovatively develop new processes and products so as to derive optimum benefit from the latest scientific, engineering and technical developments. We shall benchmark our performance norms and operational practices against the best in their class.